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Moving & Trucking in New Hyde Park, NY and Surrounding Areas

Getting something from Point A to Point B – quickly, affordably, and safely. We do it better than anyone. Whether you have a few boxes or an entire house, moving local or long distance, we have the right people at the right price. We are family owned, fully insured, and offer a host of services that will take care of your relocation needs.


O'Shea Trucking —  Moving in New Hyde Park, NY
We understand that moving can be stressful and time consuming. Call us, and we will take care of the hard part, so you can spend more time enjoying and decorating your new space!

Specialty Items

Specialty Item Piano — Moving in New Hyde Park, NY
If you have special items that need additional care, you can always trust O'Shea to keep them safe! We can move pianos, antiques, special dishes, and much more! When we move your special items, we will take care of them as if they were our very own!


Packing Service — Moving in New Hyde Park, NY
With the stress of moving alone, packing and unpacking so many items can take up time that you don't have. We offer full packing and unpacking services to make your move smooth and easy for you and anyone living under your roof!
Children holding flags — moving in New Hyde Park, NY